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Where Young Independent Professionals collaborate to deliver quality software features and implementations
Featuring: Lean software development, Serverles, Programmable and Immutable

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Reinventing The Master/Apprentice Workplace

Offering a practicum to the Yipees, we run a frank and transparent business, teaching the Yipees the ins and outs of being a professional consultant, freelancer, innovator or entrepreneur

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Quality Is Built In - Not Glued On

The digital transformation is real: Our deliveries are serverless, programmable and immutable. We provide a collaborative technology stack and work through a simple Kanban approach. Elders are constantly backing and mentoring the Yipees. We only invoice when we create value - we call it lean

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Come And JAM With Us

Most of our work is done on serveless JAM stacks. We impersonate the gig economy. All our projects are described as gigs. Are you a Yipee waiting to join or a customer waiting to come clean? Go and be inspired. Join our tribe!

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