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CoDe Café

Full Day Training Concepts and Format

By Lars Kruse

We're jammin'

Let's talk about why your website should run on JAM rather than LAMP

By Lars Kruse

Learn How We Work

Discover how we operate, and how we orchestrate our workflow on a daily basis

By Louise Nielsen

Introducing ProPay

Want your customers to access their own subscriptions? Provoice has arrived

By Louise Nielsen


Owning a piece of software is a must in todays day and age - get started with us!

By Caroline Olivia

Forget Wordpress

The future is now, old man; the future of websites, and boy, is it looking good

By Caroline Olivia

The use of Prose

Looking for a intuitive way to edit content on your website without being a developer?

By Caroline Olivia

Full Throttle Intern

One designer among a pack of software engineers... Yikes!

By Benjamin Treadwell

Switching to Zenhub

Oh no! is shutting down, so we're going to be moving to ZenHub instead

By Lars Kruse


Our workflow with you

Take a guided tour with us, diving into our workflow with you, from start to finish.

By Anders Larsen