CoDe Café
17 March 2020
10:00 - 16:00 København, Gastronomisk Innovation, Frederiksborggade 1B

CoDe Café

We will do it again! We are going to repeat the success! Last time, we learned a lot, and we made a bunch of new friends. This time around we urge you to suggest some interesting and challenging issues to collaborate on. So regardless if you are a front or back ender bring your issues and let us solve them together.

Come with a topic

Once again we have made a Github repo containing the issues we are goin to look at. It’s Open Source - You can suggest your own topic!

The more you contribute to the planning: suggest topics, comment topics, indicate your interests… The better we’ll be prepared.

The event is sponsored by Prolike so it’s free to attend. Light breakfast, coffee during the day and lunch included. We might even go for a beer or two in the evening.

So, what is a CoDe Café?

The Full-Day CoDe Café is facilitated learning with peers and experts in cosy, relaxed ambience. It builds on the principles of situated-learning which defies traditional class-rooom training and emphasize wicked problem solving over mere knowledge transfer. The CoDe Cafés strive to build communities of peers.

To code and to CoDe

The name CoDe Café is deliberately spelled in CamelCase: with a capital C and a Capital D in CoDe. Although the CoDe Café concept was originally developed as an advanced type of hackathon inspired by the World Café conference/workshop format the word “code” is not referring to code in the meaning of a computer programming language, but to the term “Continuous Delivery” which is widely used in modern software development lingo, and which encapsulates two of the most prominent principles in Lean thinking: “Decide as late as possible” and “Deliver as fast as possible”.


We will devide the day in 2 hour sessions, one before lunch, and one after. After each session we will meet and present our hacking and results to each other in the café.

Everything will be stored in git, so you will all have access to the snippets, results and examples we produce together.

Beware - there will be running code!

The Location: Gastronomisk Innovation

The loaction is something special, worth a visit on it’s own. Gastronomisk Innovation is a private room restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen.

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