The future is here - and it's serverless
15 January 2020
09:00 - 11:30 Copenhagen, Gastronomisk Innovation, Frederiksborggade 1B

The future is here - and it's serverless

Join our techfast - tech for breakfast - and get a glimpse into the future trends of website and application development.

The established web development platforms today are typically called Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla Umbraco, SiteCore etc. but, the underlying technologies of these platforms were developed several years ago! Back then, the Internet was slow, the servers were expensive, but despite it being these specific challenges that they were developed to overcome, the platforms have not evolved at the same pace as the general technological advances. Today these technologies are considered slow, expensive, hard to maintain, unsafe and yes basically obsolete! Alternatives are needed.

“The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed”
Quote: Williab Gibson, SciFi writer, economist, December 2003

This techfast is for both for you, who already owns a web page or application and for you who is considering to become an owner of one in the near future.

We will give you a thorough insight into what the future holds for us and describe some of the specific challenges and scenarios where the old technology falls short, and demonstrate concrete examples from real life implementations, where the adaption of the new technology has solved a number of problems in security, speed, data management, user involvement, testing, release, SoMe integration and yes, even environmental sustainability.

Nobody in the future would want to own an expensive IT infrastructure themselves. We will describe a serverless approach in which websites and features become available as services. The definition of where the website ends and the application begins are becoming blurred; they are the same. Everything your dream of having on you site is possible with a modern serverless technology.

Can’t wait to learn more?

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