Copenhagen Coaching Center

Copenhagen Coaching Center

Office and emails

When we started working for Copenhagen Coaching Center they had just to Office 365 and needed some guidance to navigate in the new system. We helped them organize their archives of customers, students, and courses, via the list system in Sharepoint.

We’re helping them, managing their own IT infrastructure, with guides and live support, including file sharing and storing, PC setups, email organization and so on. Their IT support strikes from how to install programs, to help with sharing their calendars.

They started jammin’

CCC was stuck on a expensive WordPress site, the images and text were flying all over the screen and the structure of the website was complicated and unorganized. We developed a new JAM-stack website, hosted on Github, reducing their website monthly cost to zero! They got a new smooth design, reflecting their image and a new, much more user-friendly showcase of their courses and services.

A much needed Moodle

With the retirement of their old site, CCC had to leave their educational portal in which schedules, materials, and student accounts were organized. Therefore, they needed a new system and through research of the area, we found Moodle. Moodle is the world’s most popular open-source learning management system . Moodle has all that CCC needed and was a big success with its quick and easy setup and its user-friendly environment.

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