Cycling Without Age

Cycling Without Age

Continuous delivery

When we came in contact with Cycling without age, they were in a somewhat frightening situation. They had outsourced the development of their new app to China but after half a long time and a lot of money used, they still had had nothing to show for it. We offered them a solution where they see the project after already one month. A continuous delivery solution.

Simple, but complex

The purpose of the app was to make people able to get together and ride bikes, across ages. The thought was to make it easy to take elderly people out for a bike trip, a thing older people find hard to do themselves. Therefore, the solution needed to include a booking system for bike rides. It should be easy to use and at the same time translate into 42 languages. CUA’s needs also included a user-friendly administrator system, without too much external complication. It became a goal to transfer all the features from their old system, but with a new delicious infrastructure. And despite the need for a super simple and easy user interface, the underlying programming required a lot of consideration to find the best solution. In addition, both a calendar system and the integration of Google maps were also needed.

Still going

We created an app that secured overview, both for users and administrators, which were built on a document database in the cloud and that contained the needs that CUA had, but also a backend that could manage to be distributed in 42 countries, without the user noticing the extensive complexity.

CUA has been given a project where they can see results fairly quickly, and take an early position on changes and additional needs. We continue the deliveries and works towards a wholesome solution, that soon will be tested by users.

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