4995 kr. website

For 4995 kr. you’ll get a fully kitted website with the content you desire.

What you’ll get:

  • A responsive site that works in every browser, on every device
  • Free hosting! We’ll host it for you, free of charge
  • A design of your own choice. You can choose one down below or contact us and we can talk about making a custom design
  • Indepth view of our progress, you’ll be able to see everything we are working on and how much is left

Read more indepth about what you will get on our post.

To get started all we need is for you to do two simple things:

  1. Choose your desired design below
  2. Fill out our form

And that is all you need to get started! Once the website is done and you’re happy, we’ll release it into the world.

We recomend these templates:

If you find none of these to your liking, you can also visit Jekyll themes.

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