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Instant Messaging

Technological development and digitization have given companies a lot of new opportunities to grow, develop and optimize their operations. One of the ones that many companies already use is instant messaging. Instant messaging (IM) is the exchange of text messaging, file sharing, video conferencing in a live format etc. Instant messaging can be used as live chat with customers directly from a website or as internal communication in companies of all sizes.

Chat vs. Email

Everyone has written an email and we’re all acquainted with real-time chatting on various media such as Facebook, WhatsApp and in the old days MSN. Both chat and email were actually brought to the world with the beginning of the internet and they fundamentally perform the same task namely to send text messages across devices. So we’re familiar with both of these media and use them frequently. But where do they differ? Speed ​​is one of the big differences. Where email is like sending a letter and chatting is like having a conversation. Speed in this case ​​is meant both as the time it takes to physically transmit data, but also the unspoken rules there are about reading and responding to different media.

According to our experience with the use of internal IM in particular, there is a lot of time to save from chatting internally in the workplace rather than communicating in long email threads. This is partly because we send shorter and more immediate messages when we are chatting. In addition, with a role-managed and topic-oriented system such as RocketChat, Mattermost and Slack, we can collect and share relevant information without digging through a disorganized email archive.

With internal chat systems you’ll get:

  • Subject-oriented channels
  • Public channels that allow everyone in your team to join or leave the conversation
  • Private channels requiring invitation to sensitive topics
  • Direct messages to one to one conversation
  • Video call
  • File and document sharing
If you want to create a dynamic and effective internal communication in your company, then get in touch! We’ll find the right system for you.
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