09. March, 2020

CoDe Café - Good to Know

By Louise Nielsen

CoDe Café - Good to Know

Create a Github account

.. if you do not have one. We use Github to manage our issues and to store our code.

Therefore, you should create an account, so that you can participate.

Go to github.com and sign up.
Choose the Free plan, and then verify your account.


Prolike has created a Code Café Github account. Click here and and find issue #Welcome - <this month’s code cafe>. Write something about yourself here like name, education, where you come from and why you are participating.

Assign yourself to issues

In the repository, you can find the issues that the other attendees have proposed for this month’s Code Café and for the previous Code Cafés. Assign yourself to the issues you would like to participate in.

Git and Docker

It makes sense to have worked a bit with both Git and Docker - if not, then you are still very welcome, but then we would like to know (so we can create an internal group).

And last

… remember to bring your computer.

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