21. October, 2019

Forget Wordpress

By Caroline Olivia

Forget Wordpress

Welcome to the future of websites!

When we make a website we use a so called JAM-stack. If you don’t know what a jam-stack, you probably wanna take a look at this article first. Well, let me take you through a journy of how our websites are made.

Jekyll - static websites

We’ll be making the website with Jekyll. Jekyll is a simple, expandable, static site generator. We use Markdown to write all text material for your website. Then Jekyll will proceed to render your text in to a beautiful website. Throughout this process you can tweak how you want the site URLs to look, what data gets displayed in the layout, and much much more.


No database = unhackable

Instead of a database, Jekyll has collections, which contains a text file (Markdown), that gets rendered to a HTML page, therefore it is completely static, therefore completely UNHACKABLE. There is no database laying on a server, with a username and password, only clean HTML files.

Prose.io - Editing your content

Use Prose.io! A user friendly interface for editing your content (Markdown files) on your website. This will make it easier to update your website exactly like you want. We already have a guide showing you how to use it. We will ensure that you can edit as much text and content as possible, so you can start edit as soon the website is done. When you are done editing, we’ll push the button and your website will be online!

Design - Choose a Jekyll template

When it comes to design - we’ll make it easy for you. A thousand of templates is lying, ready on the web for you to choose one. See some of the templates here.


Hosting - Github pages

With Jekyll and Github pages you don’t even need a server to host your website, or a traditional web hotel. You just let us host your website on our Github FOR FREE! No monthly payment for some big corporation to let you have your site on some server.


“Okay, that’s fine, but i want a big, goldplated website!” - You might say!

But hold on. Our deal also contains what we call a MVP - Minimum Viable Product. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the absolutly neccesary for your website to run. Our goal is to get you online as fast as possible. And after the first release of your piece of software, we can begin to see how the world repsonds to your website. We will use that information to develop and improve your website for our next delivery. So don’t worry, you’ll get your features, pages and gold, on the next part of your website journy.

Learn more about the workflow!

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