15. November, 2019

How We Work

By Louise Nielsen

How We Work

All in Good Faith

This quote describes how Prolike offers to deliver services such as software, front-end, automation and infrastructure based on the principles of Continuous Delivery, Serveless, Programmable & Immutable, through offering the work of Young Independent Professionals - we call them Yipees.

Prolike works by a Master-Apprentice like work relationship. Your primary contact and communication will be with the Yippee, who will maintain the duties of:

  • Development and implementation
  • Project Management
  • Continuous focus on what creates value for the customer
  • Expectation management
  • Reporting and follow-ups
  • Correspondences and ongoing contact with the customer
  • Retrospectives

The Yipees will be backed up by an elder, who will be your contact when it comes to:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Unforeseen changes in resources allocation
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Technical excellence

To the Yipees, this is far more than just a student job. It’s a Practicum. The more constructive feedback you give, the better they perform. We encourage you to take as much contact as possible directly with the Yipees. Your overall experience from working with Prolike should be delicious. Adjust directly with the Yipee or report to the elder - if it’s not.

Work environment

Conducting distributed work can represent a challenge. We mitigate this by providing a common collaboration platform and common methods & approaches. We call it the Prolike Stack and Prolike Agile respectively. We use it both internally and in collaboration with our customers. Unless otherwise agreed upon, we will utilize both the Prolike Stack and Prolike Agile work approach.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is a work process that constantly seeks to optimize the workflow to become - well a flow - as opposed to a stop-go process with lots of handovers. Typically work is delivered - and if possible deployed to production - as soon as it’s ready, and not on arbitrary deadlines.

Prolike works by the concept of Continuous Delivery. It implies that software developers have access to production-like environments, to enable them to automatically test and verify all parts of the application or implementation before they sign off and deliver.

Serverless, Programmable & Immutable

An approach in Continuous Delivery is to turn anything into code. Through utilization of modern versions control, configurations rather than implementations where it’s feasible, and immutable environments and tests that ensures that we’re not chasing a moving target.

We will prioritize some time on optimizing the flow - to build quality in, as opposed to glue it on - and it will show up on the bill too.

Qualify manifests itself in:

  • Code version control in Git on Github
  • Establishment of pipelines
  • Automatic testing
  • Automatic deliveries
  • Infrastructure based on services and cloud technology
  • Integration via REST / GraphQL) API’s
  • Access to one’s development, stage and production environment

It’s implied, when you utilize Yipees and Prolike, that you too adhere to the working principles of Continuous Delivery, Serveless, Programmable and Immutable.

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