07. October, 2019

The use of Prose

By Caroline Olivia

The use of Prose

Hello! Today i’ll show you how to edit your texts, image paths, titles etc. of your pages on your Jekyll site. Then you might ask: “How will i do that without having all the knowlegde of how to set up, style and code like a web developer?!”

With prose.io of course!


  • Make sure you have a Github account ( If not you can create a Github account here )
  • Make sure your Github account have access to the Jekyll site you want to edit (You don’t need access if the site is on your github account, else contact the site repository owners)

Step 1 - Logging into Prose.io

Go to Prose.io

Click the button “AUTHORIZE ON GITHUB” (This gives prose.io permission to access the repositories YOU have access to on GitHub)

Now you’ll see the repositories you have access to, click on the one you wanna edit

Step 2 - Editing the content

Inside are all the pages and texts that you can edit

Choose a page, text or create one by clicking the green “New file” button at the top

You can now edit the text like you want. The basic rules in markdown (the format you are using for editing the texts) is:

  • Headlines are defined by # like this

#Headline 1

##Headline 2

###Headline 3

####Healine 4

  • Links are written like this [your link text](your web address)

Prose also have a toolbox at the top of the text editor you can use for uploading images and so on…

You can preview your text by clicking the eye on the right.

There might be some other features in the specific page/text that you can edit, try clicking the metadata button to the right (the lines) If the page/text have some special values you can edit them her, like order, description, author, if it is featured and so on..

When you are done, click they grey DONE button

Step 3 - Saving the content

When everything is like you want, you can click on the save icon to the right. It’ll show you all the changes that have been made before it saves it.

In the box to the right you should write short about what you have changed.

Then you click COMMIT

There you go! Your content should be on the way to the website!

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