11. March, 2020

We’re Yipees

By Louise Nielsen

We’re Yipees
“A Yipee? What is that?” you might think. I know I was thinking the same thing the first time I heard it.
A Yipee stands for a Young Independent Professional.

“Why Young? Can’t you be older?” - hm.. narh, then you are referring to the Elders. An Elder is a real professional with decades of industry experience and vouches for technical excellence. They have a lot of experience in all sorts of different areas. When we face larger and more complex technical or business issues, we seek their advice and they coach us and help us make the right turn. They delegate knowledge in areas that deal with customer contact, how to code right and how to run a business.

We are not just software developers. In addition to our work in developing future-proof software systems and utilizing the principles of LEAN software development, we also handle project management of customer-facing projects and internal projects. We engage with customers and we do account management and inbound marketing. We also do outbound marketing, business management and administration.

“But Independent? Didn’t you just say that you where depending on the Elders?”. No, we do not depend on them, they are just teaching us the ins and outs of being a true professional in a master-apprentice work environment.

“Okay, so you are young and you’are learning how to be independent and Professional?”. Yes, that is correct. We are just ‘Prolike’.

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